How to Understand and Use Blocks in Emails


What are Blocks and How to Use Them?

A block is the primary type of content that is nested within a section. They make up the main, visible content of an email. These are blocks with images, text, and other email elements.

Types of Blocks in Markeaze

In Markeaze, there are 9 types of blocks:

  • Image - A single large-sized image that extends across the entire email width, stopping at its margins. Dimensions can be edited independently of one another.
  • Text - A block of text that extends across the width of the entire email. Text is presented in a single, large column.
  • Button - An editable call-to-action button.
  • Spacer - An editable block of space.
  • Divider - An editable horizontal rule.
  • Social - An editable collection of social media service icons and other information.
  • Menu - A set of links and custom icons that can serve as your email menu.
  • HTML - A code snippet that adds a custom element to the email.
  • Video - A video preview via a link. The sizes of the thumbnail can be changed accordingly.

How to add, edit, delete or copy a block?

Blocks operate on a drag-and-drop basis. This means you need to click and hold the required block and move it to the desired location. All changes to blocks occur either by clicking on the block itself, in the settings panel on the right, or in the WYSIWYG editor (only for text blocks).

In this article, we explain in detail:

Block settings

Block settings depend on the type of block. For each type, these settings vary, as does the level of customization for mobile and dark themes. In the links below, you will find articles about the settings for each type of block:

How to hide block for desktop or mobile devices?

Sometimes it is necessary to hide a block with content on desktop or mobile devices. Why might this be needed?

  1. For content personalization (for example, certain images or text should be shown only to those viewing the email on a phone).
  2. For the visual appeal of the email (sometimes blocks may look great on desktop devices but not as good on mobile; in such cases, it's better to hide the block on mobile devices and create a version just for mobile, hiding it in the desktop version).
  3. To shorten the length of the email in the mobile version (For instance, you might have 5 menu items, or many blocks with images, but so much information isn't necessary for the mobile version. For this, you can hide the display of blocks in the mobile version).
  4. To create unique offers (For example, you can add a block with links to download apps and enable the display of the block only on mobile devices, as people can't directly download the app from the desktop version).

You can read step-by-step instructions on how to hide blocks for different devices here.

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