Hiding Sections in Email Templates

You can hide the display of a section on desktop or mobile devices. This is a useful feature if, for example, a certain section looks great on desktop but not as good on mobile devices, or if you simply do not want that section to be displayed.

The code of the section will still remain inside the email, but the block will not be shown on certain devices.

By default, sections are set to be shown on all devices.

Hiding certain sections of an email for mobile or desktop devices can be particularly useful for several reasons, enhancing the overall effectiveness of email marketing strategies and improving user experience. Here's why this practice can be beneficial:

  1. Optimized User Experience: Adjust content for different screen sizes to prevent formatting issues and overcrowding.
  2. Improved Engagement: Tailor content for each device type to boost interaction and appeal.
  3. Load Time Optimization: Reduce load times on mobile by hiding data-heavy sections.
  4. Content Prioritization: Focus on showing device-relevant content to match user preferences.
  5. Space Utilization: Use limited mobile screen space effectively by highlighting key messages.
  6. A/B Testing and Personalization: Use hidden sections to gather data and refine marketing strategies.
  7. Compliance and Accessibility: Ensure emails are accessible and navigable on all devices.

How to hide sections?

To enable or disable the display of a section, click on the section within the email and in the right panel under the Show section on, choose on which devices the section should be displayed.

❗️ Important: We do not recommend creating long emails with many hidden sections, as the code of the sections remains in the email and can affect deliverability.

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