Email Sections Explained


What is a Section and How to Use It?

A section in emails is an element for nesting content. A section consists of 1, 2, 3, or 4 columns, which can be configured in width, and each column can contain a content block (for example, text, an image, or a button).

A section is also used for logical separation of content. For example, in an email, it usually goes:

  1. First section - logo
  2. Second section - menu
  3. Third section - bannerand so on.

In Markeaze, sections are selected in the layouts tab under the tools & modules section (the first icon at the top on the right panel). Here you can choose the number of columns and their arrangement.

How to add a section
How to add a section

How to create, move, delete or turn section into the pre-made module?

Each of these points is covered in detail in this article. There, you will learn how to add a section, copy, move, delete, or create a module from a section.

Settings for a Section in Light Theme

When you click on a section, you will see a panel on the right with various settings. Here you can:

Dark Mode Section Style Modification

You can edit a section in dark mode and change its background color. This can be done in two ways:

  1. Through Appearance (then the background color will change for all sections).
  2. Through section settings (then the background color will change only for the specific section).

Mobile Mode Section Style Changes

When switching to the mobile version of the editor and clicking on a section, in the right panel, you will see settings for the mobile section:

Hiding Sections in Templates

You can hide the display of a section on desktop or mobile devices. This is a useful feature if, for example, a certain section looks great on desktop but not as good on mobile devices, or if you simply do not want that section to be displayed.

How to that that, read here.

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