How to set up a section?

Every section in your email has to be configured to complete your entire email. Let’s look at how you can set up a section.

1. First, navigate to the Content section by clicking it in the upper bar of your dashboard.

2. Locate the blue button labeled Create new, click on it, and choose Email. Otherwise, if you have already created your email, you can select it from the Content section and click Edit on it.

3. By default, you will see a standard email template you can edit and manage. To add a section, click on the Sections tab in the right panel on your dashboard screen. 

4. To create a new Section at any other place, just drag and drop any type of section from the panel to the right.

5. Every section has its style (once clicked on it), as shown below.

6. To move a section, look for the Arrows icon. Click and drag it towards any other section, on top or bottom of the email.

7. To copy a particular section, look for the Copy icon. The exact section will appear right under the chosen one by clicking on it.

8. To save your section as a template, click on the Star icon and fill the necessary fields on the panel to the right, such as Content name, Content description, and Category

9. To delete a section, you need to click on it and click on the Trash Can icon to the right of it.

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