Pathfinder AMP Game: How to Use and Edit It

The Pathfinder game is an AMP block for dynamic email, where users can engage in a game of finding the right path by rotating images depicting a road. Upon winning, a fallback is displayed with the prize (usually a discount or service promo code).

Important Information Before Adding the Game

Since the game is an AMP block, the dark theme does not apply to this email when sent. Additionally, if the email client does not support AMP emails, the user will receive the HTML version of the email with the fallback open (the user won't be able to play). Details can be found in this article.

How to Add the Game?

  • Drag the Games block into an empty section.

  • Click on the dragged block and choose the Pathfinder game from the right panel.

How to Change the Color Scheme for the Game?

  • Click on the game in the email and in the right panel, under the Color scheme section, choose one of the three color scheme options for the game.

  • Below, you can select the background color for the game.

How to Edit the Fallback Message?

  • In the settings panel on the right side of the block, under the Success message section, enter the text for the message (header and offer), text for the button, and the button link.

How to Edit the Fallback Button?

  • To change the design of the fallback message button, in the settings panel of the Pathfinder block on the right side, under the Button style section, choose one of the three button sizes, color, and rounding.

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