AMP Emails: Overview and Usage Features

AMP emails are interactive emails with AMPHTML blocks. They include games, forms, carousels, surveys, and NPS. Such emails differ from regular HTML emails both in design and delivery.

Differences between AMP Emails and HTML Emails

AMP emails differ significantly from HTML emails both in design and delivery. The main differences include:

  • When sending AMP emails, two versions of the email are sent simultaneously: HTML and AMP. If the client's email service cannot read the AMP email, the client will see its HTML version with a fallback for the AMP block.
  • Dark mode does not work for AMP emails.
  • AMP emails must be registered along with the sender for clients to receive them; otherwise, they will receive the HTML version with a fallback.

Which email clients accept AMP emails?

At the moment only 4 email clients receive AMP emails:

  • Gmail
  • Yahoo
  • FairEmail

What is a fallback?

A fallback is a banner that appears after the AMP block has been executed (for example, after completing a survey or game), and it serves as a replacement for the functional feature if the AMP email cannot be reproduced (in which case, the completed game will be displayed along with this banner).

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