How to Test and Send AMP Emails

Unfortunately, it's not enough to simply design an email and add an AMP block. Even testing the sending process in a test environment won't suffice. You need to test sending an email with an AMP block from your email address (the one used for mass mailings) and register the email from that address.

Which email clients accept AMP emails?

At the moment only 4 email clients receive AMP emails:

  • Gmail
  • Yahoo
  • FairEmail

Ensure Your Email is Ready for Test

To send an AMP email from your domain, you need to register the email. Registration processes vary for each system, but generally include the following steps:

  1. Ensure that the email is ready for sending (It should not be a test email or contain empty text. The email should not include any substitutions. It must have a subject, preheader, and sender. The email content should be complete).
  2. Testing and registration should be done from your mailbox that will be used for full-scale email sending. You cannot register an email sent using a test marquee.
  3. Registration procedures vary for each specific system, detailed below.


Email Testing

  1. Navigate to Gmail Settings > General > Dynamic email and click on Developer settings. This will open a dialog where you can whitelist an email address that can send you dynamic emails for testing purposes.
  2. Send yourself a test email from your ESP connected to the domain.
  3. If all blocks in the email are interactive and no errors occur, the email is ready for registration.

More info about testing AMP emails in Gmail.


  1. Send the prepared email to
  2. Fill out the registration form and await a response.

More details about AMP registration from Google.



  1. Send a real, production-ready email coming from your production server (with valid SPF/DKIM/DMARC) and the AMP MIME part to Do not forward emails to that address.
  2. Complete the registration form

To use AMP the following requirements must be met and fulfilled in future:

1. The domain that you use for mailings has a site with a logo and information about the company. The subject matter of the site corresponds to the mailings content.

2. SPF, DKIM, DMARC are set for the domain. DMARC policy is set in "blocking" mode: p=quarantine or p=reject.

3. You've been sending emails with a valid DKIM for no less than 3 months. They correspond to mailings rules.

4. The number of emails sent from the domain is no less than 5 000 per month (at least during 3 months).

5. Mailings have List-Unsubscribe header in the headers. You unsubscribe a user from the mailings both after clicking "Unsubscribe" icon in interface and after following the link in the email.

6. The domain is registered in Postmaster You receive FBL for it and process the reports immediately.

Read more about the mentioned technologies in our help center.

If all these requirements are met:

1. Embed AMP part in one of your already created emails.

2. Send the address which you send emails from so we can add it in the white list. In the request indicate the contact address we can use for communication in case of issues with your mailings.

3. The email with request to use AMP must pass SPF, DKIM, DMARC check for your domain.

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