How to insert an Unsubscribe link?

As one of the core company policies, an email should always have an Unsubscribe link. That means that a user should have a free choice on whether they want to be subscribed to your weekly newsletter digests or not. Let’s review how you can insert an Unsubscribe link into your email.

1. First, navigate to the Content section by clicking it in the upper bar of your dashboard.

2. Locate the blue button labeled Create new, click on it, and choose an Email. Otherwise, if you have already created your email, you can select it from the Content section and click Edit on it.

3. If you are creating a new email from scratch, your Unsubscribe link is by default already created inside an email.

4. However, if you want to manually create one and save it as a template for your other newsletter, here’s what you need to do.

5. First, create a new Section below at the end of your template that you can select from the panel to the right.

6. Next, drag and drop the Text block inside, and write your unsubscribe message in it.

7. After that, put the Menu block below the Text one.

8. Click on the inserted Menu block, delete one link inside, put the unsubscribe link inside the remaining one and rename it.

9. The result should be something like this.

10. To save this particular block as your block template, do the following actions:

  1. Click on this block
  2. Click on the Star sign
  3. Enter the name of this content name
  4. Select the Category
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