Email Settings Explained

Email settings is a section for configuring email settings, which include the setup of UTM tags within the email and settings for the subject line and preheader.

Always pay attention to these email settings to:

  • Prepare the email for a test send (without the sender's name, email subject, and preheader, even the best email will end up in spam).
  • Prepare the email for export (the title and preheader will be embedded in the email, and if your email service doesn't support setting the preheader separately, this can be a lifesaver).

It is located on the right panel, the second icon from the bottom.

Subject line & preheader

Setting the subject line and preheader adds corresponding <title> and <preheader> tags to the code and is exported along with the main code. This is convenient if your email sending system does not allow you to set the preheader independently. You can also use these settings for test email sends.

UTM tags

Setting UTM tags allows you to mark all links inside the email.UTM tags are a tool that helps analyze where people come from to your site and how they behave. For example, with UTM, you can understand that a person arrived at a page from an email newsletter, viewed three more pages, and then purchased a product.

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