How to collect customer information using survey forms

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Before and during a live chat session, you can update the customer profile with a name and contact information using Pre-chat Surveys. To access this feature, navigate to the main menu bar on the left, click Live Chat, then Pre-chat Surveys. See the screenshot below.

In the Title entry, name your Pre-chat Survey (this portion is for internal use only). If you plan to initiate your survey immediately, make sure to switch Status to on (green).

Enter a survey question in Survey. Then click Add element. The Add element feature allows you to require customers to provide personal information.

Select the element (Email, First Name, Last Name, etc.) you want to include from the dropdown entry. You can add as many elements as you wish. Or, you can delete an unwanted element by clicking the gray “x” to the right of the element.

After the customer submits their information and answers the question, you can add a Follow up message at the end.

If you want to tailor survey questions to segmented audiences, you can Add rules next to Audience. That way, you can show specific forms to different customers.

Note: The order in which you create Pre-chat Survey determines priority. You can alter the priority (order) of these forms by dragging each by the hamburger (menu) icon to the right of the form. See screenshot above.

Once you’ve designed your survey to collect customer information, press Save & Close to active.

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