How to add Markeaze to your Ecwid store

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Option 1 - Register your existing Ecwid account during Markeaze new account setup.

During account setup, select Ecwid from the drop-down menu under Which e-commerce platform do you use? See screenshot below.

Click Continue and our platform will redirect you to the Ecwid App Store and Ecwid will ask you to sign in if you've not already authenticated your account.

Click Install on the Ecwid App Store page.

Option 2 - Add Ecwid to your existing Markeaze account.

Disclaimer: You can only access this option if you are an account owner.

From your Markeaze home interface, navigate to the main menu, Data Sources, then Website. Select Add to Ecwid Store. See screenshot below.

Our platform will redirect you to sign-in to your Ecwid account at the Ecwid App Store. 

Click Install on the Ecwid App Store page.

Option 3 - Register a new Markeaze account from the Ecwid App Store.

Sign in to your Ecwid Account. From the Ecwid App Market home page, search and locate Markeaze. See screenshot below.

Select Markeaze and click Install. 

The Ecwid App Market will redirect you to Markeaze and prompt you to choose a password. Follow the directions for completing your Markeaze account setup.

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