Annotations in Gmail: How They Work and How to Add Them to Your Email

Email annotations enhance messages in the Promotions tab by incorporating features like images, deals, and expiration dates.

When you annotate emails, Gmail users can view and engage with your promotions directly from their inbox. Within the Promotions tab, users can click on the annotated text or image to explore the promotion further, eliminating the need to open the email.

Conditions for Displaying Annotations

  1. Established email sending domain
  2. Spam rate below 1%
  3. Email campaign must be mass, reaching over 5000 addresses

If these conditions are not met, annotations simply won't appear, even if the email lands in the promotions folder.

How to Add Annotations to Your Email

  1. In the email editor, navigate to the email settings and select the annotations tab.
  2. Here, you have two options: adding an annotation with a promo code and expiration date (optional) or creating a carousel of products.

How to Create a Label with a Promo Code, Discount Size, and Expiration Date

  • To create a label with a promo code and discount size, go to the annotations section and select the deal annotations tab.
  • In the Badge and code section, input the discount size and the promo code.
  • Toggle the switch next to Offer date and time to set the promo code's expiration time. Once expired, the label will change to "expired."
  • At the top, in the Deal annotation preview, you can see how your annotation will appear in the inbox.
  • Navigate to the product carousel section in the annotations tab.
  • Click on the "add product card" button.
  • Provide an image, product name, link to the product, regular price, and discounted price.
  • Preview to ensure your annotations carousel looks good.

How to Test Annotations in Gmail

If you want to make sure that annotations will appear exactly as you need them to, go to, export the email, and paste its code onto the page. You'll see a preview of the annotation.

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