Selecting the Appropriate Plan for Your Needs

Markeaze offers three subscription plans, each designed for specific goals and professions. Each plan allows for customization, including the ability to open a board view, add comments, and extend the retention period for email version history. You can also add add-ons to enhance your plan.

Plan's name Free Basic Pro

For who

Suitable for marketers and freelancers. Ideal if you send emails infrequently, about 1-2 times a month.

Designed for marketers and freelancers. A good fit if you regularly send up to 10 emails a week. Intended for professional marketers and agencies. Best for those who send a large number of emails regularly and work within a team.
How much users can be in 1 workspace 1 user 3 users 10 users
How many emails can 1 workspace have at once
Up to 10 emails
Up to 50 emails 300 emails
How many templates can be saved 1 saved templates 10 saved templates 100 saved templates
How many exports can be done in a month 5 exports 50 exports 300 exports
How many test emails can be sent per day
100 test emails per day
1,000 test emails per day 3,000 test emails per day
How much image storage plan has 30 GB image data 100 GB image data 250 GB image data

Before choosing a plan, consider the following

  • How many emails do you plan to create and store each month?

This refers to actual emails, not saved templates. For example, if you need to redesign three email chains and then send out four newsletters a month, with each chain containing 4-5 emails, you'll initially need to create 15 emails and then 16 emails a month moving forward. The Basic plan would suit you if you need to store emails from the chains, or the Free plan if you're willing to delete them after exporting.

Why store emails? There are several reasons:

  1. To reuse a successful design.
  2. To re-export an email if it's lost from your ESP for any reason.
  3. To make changes to old emails.
  • Will you be working alone or in a team?

Do you need feedback from a colleague or supervisor? Are you working solo, in pairs, or in a team? How many people need access to the workspace? Choose your plan based on the number of team members. Remember, you can add more people through add-ons.

  • How many exports do you need in a month?

It's essential to focus on this because people often rush to export an email, find mistakes, then have to go back, make corrections, and export again. Typically, an email might be exported 2-3 times, so consider how many emails you create in a month and multiply this by 2 or 3.

  • How many images you use in emails

In Markeaze, there's an image library where you can save pictures. This is known as image data. If you're creating emails with a large number of images (including icons, logos, etc.), you might need increased storage space.

Customizing your plan

You can add extra features to your plan, namely:

  • Version history - $10 per monthAll changes in emails will be stored indefinitely, and you can revert an email to an older version at any time. Without this feature, changes in emails are stored for 30 days.
  • Commenting - $2 per monthYou and your team members can comment on an email and specific details within it. This feature is useful for speeding up work and receiving feedback or making changes.
  • Board View - $2 per monthYou can open a Kanban board for your emails to more easily track the production stages of emails. You can read more about board view here.
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