Email Testing Checklist

Content Verification

  1. Subject Line: Ensure it's engaging and error-free.
  2. Preheader Text: Check if it complements or summarizes the subject line.
  3. Email Body Content:
    • Check for spelling and grammar errors.
    • Ensure the message is clear and concise.
    • Verify all information is accurate and up-to-date.

Visual Elements

  1. Images:
    • Confirm images load properly.
    • Check alt texts for each image.
    • Ensure images are correctly aligned.
  2. Formatting:
    • Verify the text is properly formatted (headings, bullet points, paragraphs).
    • Check for consistent font styles and sizes.
    • Ensure a visually appealing layout.

Links and Buttons

  1. Hyperlinks:
    • Test all hyperlinks to ensure they direct to the correct URLs.
    • Verify that email addresses and phone links work.
  2. CTA Buttons:
    • Confirm they are easily noticeable.
    • Test if they link to the correct landing pages.

Responsiveness and Compatibility

  1. Mobile Responsiveness:
    • Check the email's appearance on various mobile devices.
    • Ensure that the layout adjusts to different screen sizes.
  2. Email Client Compatibility:
    • Test the email across multiple email clients (e.g., Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo).
    • Ensure consistent formatting across platforms.

Technical Aspects

  1. Load Time:
    • Ensure the email loads quickly, considering image sizes and other elements.
  2. Spam Compliance:
    • Check for words or phrases that might trigger spam filters.
    • Verify compliance with email regulations (e.g., CAN-SPAM Act).

Personalization and Dynamic Content

  1. Personalization Elements:
    • Test personalized fields (e.g., name, company) to ensure they populate correctly.
  2. Dynamic Content:
    • If using, ensure dynamic elements display correctly for different user segments.

Final Review

  1. Send a Test Email:
    • Send the email to yourself and team members for a final review.
  2. Checklist Confirmation:
    • Confirm that all items on this checklist have been tested and approved.

Deployment Readiness

  1. Subscriber List: Confirm the email is being sent to the correct list.
  2. Scheduling: Ensure the email is scheduled for the optimal send time.


Once all items on the checklist are verified, your email is ready to be deployed. Regular use of this checklist can significantly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your email marketing campaigns.

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