How to downgrade a monthly plan?

Users can quickly downgrade their subscription plan to cancel their incoming payment or simply switch between two different subscriptions. Here are the steps you should take.

Step #1 - Navigate to your profile

Navigate to the profile icon that you can find in the top left corner of your dashboard and click on it. Inside the dropdown list, click on the My profile button. 

Step #2 - Proceed to the bill section

Once here, locate the series of buttons on the left side of your dashboard and click on the Billing button.

Step #3 - Edit your subscription plan

Locate the Plan section and click on the Edit plan button.

You will be transferred to the available list of Markeaze subscriptions. Here you can choose any option you want.

If you choose any plan presented above, you will have to wait until the current payment period expires. After that, the new payment will start, and you’ll be paying either a monthly or a yearly fee, according to your downgraded subscription plan.

Be aware that in the case of downgrading, you cannot refund your payment.

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