How to create and use saved replies

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If your live chat agents want to use saved replies to customer questions, you can create them through your Markeaze account. You can access this feature via the main menu, Live Chat, then Saved Replies.

Note: Only account owners may create or update Saved Replies.

Click New Saved Reply to create a new reply..

Give your New Saved Reply a name that you and your team members will remember. Then input the reply in the larger window below the name.

Before leaving the page, make sure to Save & Close your new reply.

As agents interact with customers, saved replies are available just above the type window (see screenshot below). Agents may select one of the replies above or click the ellipsis (...) to access a full list of saved replies.

Once you’ve created your saved replies, you can add a customer’s intents to each of them. This feature will help you navigate through customer’s requests much faster. Currently, we support 4 types of intents: delivery options, gift card, refund policy, and special offers.

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