How to create email templates?

Email templates are a great way to plan and strategize your email marketing campaigns. It saves time, allowing you to structure your quality email carefully. However, some people prefer to make emails from scratch instead of using templates. In this short guide, we’ll try to explain how efficient email templates are.

In this article, you will learn:

What is an email template?

Why do you need it in email marketing?

How to create an email template?

What is an email template?

Simply put, an email template is a predefined layout for your email that includes predefined content like images, text, or widgets (for example). So instead of creating a whole new email from scratch, you can use a template as a base to have some sort of foundation. Templates are also very convenient when ensuring that the email design follows brand guidelines.

Why do you need them in email marketing?

There are several reasons why an email marketer might consider utilizing templates instead of creating new ones from scratch. Here are a few practical reasons:

  • It saves you time to execute other important tasks.
  • It stays consistent with your brand identity guidelines.
  • It assists in personalizing an email for separate target audience segments.
  • It reduces the chance of an accident or human error
  • It improves the responding email rate by quickly arranging a similar structure to a response email.

How to create an email template?

Creating an email template is relatively simple and does not require extensive or deep knowledge. Follow our guide, and you’ll be able to learn it quickly.

1. First, navigate to the Content section by clicking it in the upper bar of your dashboard.

2. Locate the blue button labeled Create new, click on it, and choose an Email.

3. By default, you’ll see a standard layout of an email. However, you can easily change the structure in the right window inside the Sections panel. You can drop, enlarge, squish or align your current structure.

The general flow of creating a standard email consists of the following actions:

  1. Build a strong layout
  2. Set the appearance of your email (font, links, buttons, background settings, etc.)
  3. Set the properties of your text (headings font style, size, type, color, etc.)
  4. Fill the email with the data, information, images, videos, or widgets inside each created block.
  5. Arrange the content visual representation for both web and mobile devices.
  6. Test a few emails to review any hidden issues or errors
  7. Set a date for your email campaign.

Refer to this guide for more detailed information on each block and section you can use to customize your email.

4. Once you have created a perfect email template you want to use for various marketing purposes, click Save and exit on the top right corner of the dashboard.

5. Since you have already created an email, it’s time to add it to your templates and utilize it whenever you need it.

6. Hover over the newly made email and click on the three dots—select Save as Template.

7. If you followed our guide up until now, you will see a green alert message on the top right corner of your dashboard.

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