What is the Content editor?

The Content Editor is a tool that allows you to format text and images in your emails and define the content that appears in your email campaigns.

You will use the content area and the content editor toolbar when editing an email. In addition to the basics of adding and editing text in your emails, it includes some handy features that will help make valuable and engaging content. 

What can I do with the Content Editor Toolbar?

The Content Editor Toolbar gives you complete control over how content appears in the chosen Text block. The Content Editor Toolbar allows you to: 

  • Add text & hyperlinks
  • Choose the font family
  • Choose the type of font
  • Choose the text size
  • Choose the text color
  • Add alignment (left, right, center, justify)
  • Add cursive, bold, crossed out, or underlined text
  • Add bulleted text list
  • Erase the formatted text with the ribbon tool
  • Add macros to your email

How can I access the Content Editor?

Click the Text block you want to edit in your Email. The edit screen will open with the Content Editor Toolbar at the top, giving you complete control to make your changes to the text formatting.

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