How do I see campaign results?

You recently launched a campaign, and now you need to know its results. Markeaze allows you to see all the analytics of your campaign in one place.

  1. Click the Campaigns button at the top bar, then find the Sent button on the left side of your screen. Click it.

  2. Find the campaign in the list and click on its name.

  3. That will open the Campaign Statistics tab. It contains all the campaign results: engagement, click and open rates, charts, overall performance, et.

  4. The Emails sent bar provides you with the basic information about the campaign: the amount of sent emails and the date and time of sending.
  5. The Engagement bar below the Emails sent bar shows the percentage of the audience that opened the email, clicked the links, unsubscribed, hard bounced, and filed a spam complaint. This information is presented in unique and total values, which allows for more in-depth analysis.

  6. In the Open rate and Click rate bars on the top right, you can see the analytics of opens and clicks out of overall deliveries in the Open rate and Click rate bars on the top right. By clicking the Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile buttons in these bars, you can filter the data to show the percentage of opens and clicks with these device types. It is also shown on the diagram.

  7. Below the Open rate and Click rate bars, there are the Open chart and Click rate bars. You can hover over the columns to see how many opens and clicks were done on specific dates. This data is only shown for the first 7 days of the campaign.

  8. Moving on, there is a 24-hour performance bar. Here you can see when your audience opened the campaign email and clicked the links during the day. This information will help you understand when to send the next campaign to make it more efficient.

  9. You can see what links were clicked more in the Click performance bar under the 24-hour performance section.

  10. You can find the top email donations bar at the very bottom of the page. Here are the analytics for the different domains your audience is using. By pressing one of the buttons in the top right corner of the bar, you can see the numbers in percentages or absolute values.

  11. You can also click on the Campaign Information button at the top of the page to get information about the campaign itself.

  12. By pressing the View email button under the Content section on the right, you can review the email you sent for this campaign.

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