What are email campaigns?

An email campaign is an email or a series of emails sent to several recipients to achieve a specific goal. Campaigns help you provide relevant content and offers to your audience.

Any campaign includes CTAs. Paired with the value, it provides to the audience. It aims to convert them further.

Email campaigns should be used consciously. Sending the same email to your entire mailing list won’t cut it: you need to target the campaign and think it through. Let’s talk about how to set up a campaign.

What types of campaigns exist?

There are quite a few, so let’s outline the most common ones:

  • Newsletters. The most popular type of campaign, newsletters, are not promotional. They’re aimed at building trusting relationships with an audience.
  • Announcements. These emails let people know about your upcoming events or releases. By making the subscribers interested, you encourage them to participate.
  • Holiday emails. The entire purpose is to engage people and make them smile simultaneously. The combination of congratulations and a good discount is the way to go.
  • Abandoned shopping cart reminders. People can leave some items in their shopping cart and forget about them. A friendly reminder should get them back on track.
  • Reactivation emails. Don’t just accept that people can forget about you. When they do, send them a reactivation email and try to engage them.
  • Cross-selling and upselling emails. These emails try to sell more products to the clients based on what they already bought. Those can be related items to go with the purchase or better versions of what they have now.
  • Anniversary emails. To increase your clients’ loyalty, congratulate and reward them when the company’s anniversary comes around.
  • Discounts and special offers. This one is straightforward. You have some bargain offers, and you notify your audience about it. These emails cut straight to the chase.

There are a lot of other campaign types, of course. Almost any occasion and situation requires a distinct approach. And you need to work it out to make it work.

How to set up your campaign in Markeaze?

Markeaze provides you with all the tools you need to launch a campaign and track its analytics successfully. Learn to use Markeaze to create the best campaigns you can dream of here. We prepared guides that cover all the steps of setting up a campaign.

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