How do I see the audience's performance?

Your overall audience is split into segments. These segments are used to personalize the content and make sure everyone receives what’s relevant to them. That’s how you launch your campaigns: by mailing them to specific segments. And when you want to check any segment’s performance, Markeaze provides you with all the analytics you need. Let’s see how it works.

  1. First, click on the Audience button at the top of the main page; then locate the Segments button on the left side and press it.

  2. Find the segment you want to check in the Segments list and click on it. You will be forwarded to the segment analytics page.

  3. By pressing the View contacts button in the top right corner of the page, you can see all the contacts in this segment. The blue Create campaign button allows you to launch the campaign for this segment.

  4. The first section is labeled as People. In the diagram called Segment size, you can see the overall amount of people that suit the segment and the number of actual subscribers in it. This tells you how many people could receive the campaigns and how many of them will.

  5. By hovering over different points on the diagram, you can see what these numbers were on different dates.

  6. The second diagram is called Subscriber Growth. Here you can check how many people subscribed, unsubscribed, or were blocked on different dates and overall.

  7. The next section is called Campaign performance. In the first tab, you can see all the various analytics regarding all the campaigns ever launched for this segment.

  8. The next two tabs labeled as Open rate by device and Click rate by device show you the click and open rates for desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.
  9. The Email marketing engagement tab shows you the exact percentage of subscribers from the segment who are often, sometimes, or rarely engaged with your emails.

  10. The Emails sent by day tab shows how many emails were sent to the segment by date.

  11. Lastly, the Top email domains tab lets you estimate what are the most popular domains among the subscribers from this segment. It also shows you all the previous analytics from the perspective of the different domains. By clicking the buttons in the top right corner of the tab you can switch between percentages and absolute values.

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