How to create a new segment?

Segments allow you to divide your audience into specific groups to send targeted campaigns. Markeaze helps you make these segments based on many different criteria. Create a new segment by following this guide.

  1. Click the Audience button at the top, and the All contacts page will open. Press the Add filter button.

  2. In the menu that just appeared, select criteria to filter the contacts.

  3. Choose any criteria. You can see a lot of filter options. Is and Is not allow you to eliminate or include only specific values. Starts with and Ends with help you filter by the first or last symbols of the value. Contains and Not contains allow you to sort by any symbol combination that can be contained in the value. Is empty and Has any value will pick all the contacts that contain or lack any value of this type.

  4. You can apply multiple filters to narrow down the segment. After filtering the contacts, press the Save segment button on the right.

  5. In the window that just popped up, insert any name for the segment and press the blue Save Segment button.

  6. A pop-up message will notify you that the segment was successfully created. Now you can continue using Markeaze.

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