How to add a single contact?

Adding contacts to your Markeaze audience base is simple. If you need to add an entire list of contacts, you can follow this guide here. To add a single contact, follow the steps below.

  1. Click the Audience button at the top, and the All contacts page will open. Locate the blue Add contacts button on the right and press it.

  2. In the menu that just appeared, press the Add Individual Contact button.

  3. You will be forwarded to the next page. You can now simply fill in the contact’s email address and, optionally, number into the boxes in the Enter the contact’s info bar. If you want to add more information, press the More Fields button below.

  4. There are many fields that you can fill in with the information you have. You can also press the Add new property button under the existing fields to add a new custom one.

  5. When you finish adding the contact’s information, scroll down to the Add subscriptions bar. Check all the subscription lists you want to add to the contact.

  6. Then just press the Add contact button in the top right corner, and all the information will be saved.

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