What is the Audience?

What is an audience?

When we talk about email marketing, your audience is all your subscribers combined. So, an audience, in general, is all the people you can reach out to by mailing them. You also have a target audience. These are certain groups of people that you aim most of your marketing at. They are more likely to find your product relevant.

Your target audience always exists out there. Your actual audience doesn’t. You need to grow it over time. You attract more people and convert them into your subscribers, clients, and loyal customers. These people become your audience, and the process of it is everlasting.

Divide and engage

To make your campaigns more efficient, you need to segment your audience. Segmentation is a key, and the lock it opens for you is personalization. You divide your audience into groups and can provide them with what they’re interested in. This way, you ensure that your audience is engaged and you provide value for them.

Here are some criteria for creating segments:

  • Location. People in different countries, even states, should probably receive different offers. It depends on what’s available in their region and the terms.
  • Subscriptions. If a person did not choose to receive promotional emails, you don’t want to send those. And you likely want to add this person to a Newsletter only segment (or whatever they are subscribed to).
  • Gender and age. Not all the time, but people’s age and gender often influence what they’re interested in. These criteria help avoid recommending a Louis Vuitton cocktail dress to an elderly veteran.
  • Story with your company. Is it a new subscriber? Is it a client that just purchased from you for the first time? Is it a loyal customer? The answer influences communication on many levels.
  • Type of customer. You need to differentiate between bargain-hunters, fans of specific brands, and the people who target new collections. A relevant offer for a bargain-hunter will likely not suit your average new collection enjoyer.

There are many other criteria that you should consider. Different combinations allow you to create perfect audience segments for your campaigns.

How to manage your audience in Markeaze?

Markeaze has many tools to help you add, manage, and split your audience into segments. Advanced filters allow you to navigate through all your contacts. The analytics show you the overall audience and any particular segment’s performance and data. Learn how to manage your audience using Markeaze here. We made sure to provide you with all the guides you can need.

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