Can you help me set up my first campaign?

There are a few preliminary things before you can proceed with your first email campaign to set up your first campaign.

  1. To send an email, you need to have contacts in your Audience tab to send an email. If you don’t have any, import your contacts or add people manually via a form. You can learn more about it in this guide.
  2. Add and verify your sending domain name. To learn how to do it, follow this guide.
  3. Create at least one email.

To create your first email campaign, you need to create a regular email by following these steps.

Create an email

1. First, navigate to the Content section by clicking it in the upper bar of your dashboard.

2. Locate the blue button labeled Create new, click on it, and choose Email.

3. This will take you to the builder, where you can choose your settings and design your content. By default, you’ll see a standard layout of an email. However, you can easily change the structure in the right window inside the Sections panel. You can drop, enlarge, squish or align your current structure.

4. The general flow of creating a standard email consists of the following actions:

  1. Build a strong layout.
  2. Set the appearance of your email (font, links, buttons, background settings, etc.)
  3. Set the properties of your text (headings, font style, size, type, color, etc.)
  4. Fill the email with information, images, videos, or widgets inside each created block.
  5. Arrange the content visual representation for both web and mobile devices.

After you have designed your email according to the marketing strategy, it’s the right time to configure your sender’s details for your new campaign.

Create an email campaign

Click on the Campaigns tab on the upper bar of your workspace.

Once there, click the Create new button and choose Campaign in the dropdown list.

In the new workspace screen, you will see the settings you need to configure to establish your new campaign. That includes: 

  • Subscription type - a type of mailing that will narrow down your audience.
  • From form - your full name and your email sending domain.
  • Preheader - the very first line of a received email.
  • Subject - the subject of your email newsletter.
  • UTM tags - tags that you can use to track traffic coming from your email marketing.
  • Recipients - include and exclude contacts from this campaign using segments or filters.
  • Campaign scheduling - choose whether you want to send your campaign now or on a specific date.

After you fill out the necessary fields, you can choose the email you want to send. To do that, click on the Choose button to select the email you want to send. Otherwise, you can create a new one by clicking on the Create button.

Finally, after the email has been chosen, you can test it before you send it to your users. To do that, press the Send test email button below the Content window and fill the input fields of the test email, such as Subject line, Preheader, Sender’s name, Send email from, and Send email to.

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