How to clean my contact database?

There is no doubt that from time to time, you have to clean up your database due to various reasons: consumers are no longer interested in your product, the contact list has been hard-bounced, etc. Here are a few ways to clean up your contact database in Markeaze.

#1 - Erase the duplicates

Whenever you upload an email contact list, there will always be a chance that contact or several contacts will become duplicates. That’s why, if you are importing new contacts into your existing database from your profile, you can choose the option inside the What to do with duplicates if found section? That way, you can avoid unnecessary contact duplicates.

#2 - Prune Inactive Contacts

If the duplicate contacts issue can be prevented, there are other scenarios where the contact has to be erased due to poor performance or hard bounces from the specific segments.

To view these contacts, you can navigate to the Audience tab and choose one of the created segments of your email campaigns.

Inside it, review the contacts added here by clicking the View contacts button at the top right corner of your working space.

Here you can filter the contacts by Open Rate or Conversion Rate and review the metrics of each contact.

Once you identify the contacts you want to erase, you can tick them, and the bar at the top will give such options as Unsubscribe or Block.

#3 - Eliminate Junk Contacts

As typical as it sounds, you can also upload some contacts to the block list. To access it, click on the Audience tab at the top of your working space and then click on the Blocked tab to the left of your screen.

That will present you with a simple graph of all blocked contacts. To import the blocked contacts, click on the Import list and upload your blocked contact list.

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