How to archive campaigns?

If you’re unsure whether the created campaign will suit your needs or want to keep all of your metrics up to date, you may need to archive some of your campaigns. Here’s a breakdown of how you can do so in Markeaze.

Step #1 - Navigate to the Campaign tab

First, click on the Campaigns to show all existing campaigns on the top bar of your working space.

Step #2 - Archive a campaign

In Markeaze, there is no Archive button. However, you can make a New Folder by clicking the Create new blue button on the right and choosing Folder.

After that, click on the three dots opposite the created folder and choose Rename option.

Name this folder “Archive” or “Archived Campaigns” or any other relevant name.

After clicking the green checkmark, click on the three dots opposite the campaign you wish to archive and choose Move to folder.

From the appeared list, choose the name of the folder you have just created.

Step #3 - Delete a campaign

If you want to delete a campaign, follow through the Step #1, and after that, click on the three dots opposite the campaign you want to delete and choose the Delete option

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